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Selections from the first live recording of ‘Emmanuel’ by Joseph Parry.

Côr Bro Ogwr
The Welsh Session Orchestra

Rhiannon Llewellyn (Soprano)
Eirlys Myfanwy Davies (Alto)
Daniel Joy (Tenor)
Tmothy Nelson (Bass)

Conducted by Edward-Rhys Harry

This recording was taken during the live performance on December 17th 2011 at All Saints’ Church, Porthcawl.

1.  Emmanuel, Jehovah in the flesh!
2.  Let us sing together
3.  Again went forth
4.  Ye morning stars, which shine above.
5.  The mutinous legions were broken asunder
6.  We’ll offer up our morning lay
7.  Ten thousand shining worlds display
8.  Ye angels, listen
9.  Again the angel
10. Behold, the angel of the Lord
11. The Lord, the Lord is King
12. O ye that love the Lord
13. There is struck up a light for the righteous
14. And Jesus seeing the multitudes
15. We magnify and glorify Thy name
16. When the morning was come
17. Behold the day of the Lord cometh
18. But the Lord will remember His children
19. But alas! He was burdened!
20. From prison and from judgement He was led
21. While yet His mangled body
22. The Lord is King

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